Large development company


Large development company


Appeal against the tax assessment notice for the amount of UAH 34 million

The team of Pragnum Law Firm defended the interests of the large Ukrainian developer in the litigation with the tax inspectorate and appealed the tax assessment notice for the amount of UAH 34 million issued for the allegedly illegal carry forward of losses of previous periods. 

Despite the seemingly unambiguously case law on this issue, the first instance court established illegality of the conclusions made by the tax inspectorate, but still dismissed the statement of claim as the firm's client allegedly failed to confirm the amount of losses with primary documents, despite the fact that the audit had been a desk one rather than a document one.

In the course of the project, specialists of Pragnum provided comprehensive support to the client in the litigations that ended with satisfaction of the statement of appeal and revocation of the tax assessment notice by the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal.